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There are a number of festivals, holidays and other events celebrated in Naples each year.
The main ones are listed below.

January 1:New Year's Day (Capodanno) (national holiday)

January 6:Epiphany (Feast of Befana) (national holiday)

For all Italians, the 6th of January is the day when the benevolent white witch Befana, who predates Santa Claus in Italy, arrives on her broomstick with presents and candy for all children who have been good during the year, or a lump of coal if they have been bad!

Week leading to Easter:Holy Week (Settimana Santa) (national holiday)

Holy week takes place one week before Easter. It is an opportunity for several religious events in Naples.

April 25:Liberation Day (Festa della Liberazione) (national)

Each year, this holiday commemorates the end of World War II in Italy. It is an opportunity for celebrations and parades throughout the city.

May 1:Labour Day (Festa del lavoro) (national holiday)

This holiday celebrates Labour Day throughout Italy, with various art groups setting up events in the city's historic centre: shows, workshops, street theatre…

June 2:Republic Day (Festa della Repubblica) (national holiday)

Commemorates the national referendum voted on this day in 1946, when the Italian people chose a republic instead of a monarchy. In Naples, as in the rest of Italy, celebrations include official ceremonies, a military parade, fireworks, concerts and street parties.

August 15:Assumption (Assunzione della Beata Vergine Maria)(national holiday)

To celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, masses and processions are held in her honour in churches and streets throughout the historic centre.

September 19: Feast of San Gennaro (local event)

The feast day of Naples' patron saint is the most important religious festival of the year. The faithful flock to the Duomo to see whether San Gennaro's blood, stored in vials at the cathedral, will liquefy, a recurring miracle that is believed to indicate the saint's intervention, thus saving Naples from wars, epidemics and natural disasters over the centuries. Misfortunes having struck the city in years when the blood failed to liquefy include the bubonic plague in 1527 and the major earthquake in 1980. A mass is held at the cathedral, followed by an elaborate procession through the streets of Naples.

November 1:All Saint's Day (Ognissanti) (national holiday)

All Saints Day is celebrated throughout Italy with various religious events, especially in the churches of Naples.

November 4:National Unity and Armed Forces Day (Giorno dell'Unità Nazionale) (national holiday)

For this official commemoration of Italian reunification and the end of the First World War, military parades are held across the city.

November–December: Christmas Market (local event)

During this period, Via San Gregorio and the adjoining streets are taken over by stalls of craftspeople who make and sell figurines of the Holy Family, the Three Kings as well as all other accessories required for creating manger scenes, a vibrant local tradition.

December 25:Christmas (Natale) (national holiday)

December 26:Santo Stefano (national holiday)

This Italian holiday commemorates the birth of Saint Stephen. Traditionally, this day is dedicated to family time, with large and festive meals taking place.

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Naples enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and dry, although sea breezes help to cool down the city. Winters are mild, with frequent rainy spells, usually short in duration, but marked occasionally by violent storms.

Month Min. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Max. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Average Rains (MM) Best Time to Travel
January 3/37 12/54 104/4.1 Not the best period to go
February 4/39 13/55 99/3.9 Not the best period to go
March 6/43 14/57 86/3.4 Not the best period to go
April 8/46 18/64 76/3.0 Good period to go Good period to go
May 12/54 22/72 50/2.0 Good period to go Good period to go
June 16/61 26/79 33/1.3 Good period to go Good period to go
July 18/64 29/84 25/1.0 Good period to go Good period to go
August 18/64 29/84 40/1.6 Good period to go Good period to go
September 15/59 26/79 81/3.2 Good period to go Good period to go
October 11/52 22/72 129/5.1 Good period to go Good period to go
November 7/45 17/63 162/6.4 Good period to go Good period to go
December 5/41 13/55 121/4.8 Not the best period to go
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Naples Capodichino International Airport

The Naples Capodichino International Airport is located about 6 kilometres (4 miles) north-east of the city centre.

  • Two terminals:
    • Terminal 1 (Air France)
    • Terminal 2

Getting from the airport to Naples and back
  • By car
    • Accessible via the highway that runs through Naples (A56 - Tangenziale).
    • There are four short-term parking facilities (P2, P3, P4 and P5) charging around EUR 3.50 per hour.
    • One drop-off area, free but limited to 10-minute parking.
    • One long-term facility (P1). EUR 9 for 12 hours, EUR 20 for 24 hours.
    • Several car rental companies have counters, located in the arrivals area.
  • By shuttle
    • Alibus (www.anm.it) operates shuttle bus services connecting the airport with Napoli Centrale train station, every 10 to 20 minutes from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. One-way ticket: EUR 5.
  • By taxi
    • Taxis are available at the ranks just outside the terminals. The fixed fare to Piazza Municipio is EUR 18 (for a maximum of four passengers with luggage).
  • Services: shops, bars and restaurants, free Internet access (Wi-Fi) available in the airport.
  • Telephone: +39 (0)81 789 6111
  • Website: www.aeroportodinapoli.it/homepage

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Naples is a city that demands to be explored on foot. But it also offers an efficient public transport system serving all districts, despite its famously chaotic and congested streets.

By rail

There are two main rapid transit lines:

  • MetroNapoli operates two lines: Line 1, also known as Collinare (the hill metro), which goes from Piazza Dante through the main areas of central Naples from 6:20 a.m. to 11:02 p.m., and Line 6, connecting with Piazza Garibaldi (Central Station) from 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Trenitalia operates the underground Line 2, which serves the west of Naples. For more information, please visit the ANM website (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità, www.anm.it).

Useful tip: Naples offers an integrated ticket, the Urbano Napoli, in versions valid on all city buses, the four funicular lines, Lines 1, 2 and 6 of the Metro, and the Circumvesuviana, Circumflegrei and Cumana railway lines within city limits. Fares are EUR 1.10 (one way, or EUR 1.50 from the driver), EUR 3.50 for 1 day, and EUR 12.50 for 1 week.

By bus

Naples has an extensive network of bus routes offering excellent coverage of the city. Buses 130, 139 and R2 are particularly useful for travelling between the city's main tourist attractions. As mentioned above, the TIC is also valid for all bus lines in Naples, prices remain unchanged. For more information, please visit the ANM website (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità, www.anm.it).

By funicular

Taking the funicular is a must for all those eager to enjoy superb views overlooking Naples and its bay. The Centrale, Montesanto and Chiaia funiculars link the city centre to Vomero, the museum district, while the Mergellina links the Via Manzoni to the coast. All four funiculars run about every 10 minutes from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. (2 a.m. on Saturday night for the Centrale funicular). As mentioned above, the TIC is also valid for all funiculars in Naples. For more information, please visit the ANM website (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità, www.anm.it).

By tram

Naples has several tram lines, some of which offer a convenient way to travel between the city centre and the seaside: Line 1 departs from Napoli Centrale train station and crosses Piazza Garibaldi and other points in the city centre before heading along the waterfront to Piazza Vittoria. Line 2 departs from Piazza Garibaldi and serves the city centre. As mentioned above, the TIC is also valid for all tram lines in Naples. For more information, please visit the ANM website (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità,

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Visitor information

Upon your arrival in Naples, you can get in touch with local tourism professionals for further information and to help organise your stay.

Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno, Cura e Turismo di Napoli

Offers practical information and many useful recommendations (accommodation, restaurants, public transport, festivals, cultural events, etc.).

Naples tourist information office (San Carlo):

  • Address: Via San Carlo 9, 80132 Napoli
  • Telephone: +39 (0)81 402 394

Naples tourist information office (Gesù Nuovo):

Further information available online for visitors to Italy

The official website of Italy's national tourist board (Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo, ENIT) provides a wealth of information on Naples.

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Medical information

In order to travel in the best conditions and for your health and safety, we invite you to check all information regarding preventive measures and best practices to be respected, available on the official website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/en/country-files/

Your comfort, well-being and health are at the heart of Air France's concerns, and we want to help you prepare for your trip in the best way possible. Find out more about the measures taken to ensure safe travelling on our website: https://www.airfrance.fr/FR/en/common/page_flottante/information/coronavirus.htm#notre-engagement-sanitaire
See your doctor before you travel. It is recommended that you obtain insurance covering health care expenses as well as medical evacuation or repatriation before you leave home. Naples counts several hospitals and medical institutions, as well as quality medical practitioners and health specialists.


There are no vaccination requirements for visitors to Naples. For more information, contact Air France's international vaccination centre:


Tap water is safe to drink in Naples.

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Administrative formalities

Entry requirements for Italy

For a stay of less than three months, travellers from the Schengen area and various countries of the European Union need only be in possession of a national identity card or a passport valid for the duration of their stay in order to enter Italy.
As a general rule, all other travellers are subject to visa requirements, although citizens of some countries may enter Italy for a short stay of up to 90 days without a visa.

For further information, visit the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en

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Useful addresses

To enjoy peace of mind during your stay in Naples, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.

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Essential phrases

Here are a few basic Italian phrases that will make your stay in Venice a little easier:

Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon: Buongiorno Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon: <em>Buongiorno</em>

Good evening: Buonasera Good evening: <em>Buonasera</em>

Goodbye: Arrivederci Goodbye: <em>Arrivederci</em>

Yes: Si Yes: <em>Si</em>

No: No No: <em>No</em>

No, thank you: No, grazie No, thank you: <em>No, grazie</em>

Thank you very much: Grazie mille Thank you very much: <em>Grazie mille</em>

Please: Per favore Please: <em>Per favore</em>

I don't understand: Non capisco I don't understand: <em>Non capisco</em>

Could you repeat ?: Può ripetere ? Could you repeat ?: <em>Può ripetere ?</em>

What time is it ?: Che ora è ? / Che ora sono ? What time is it ?: <em>Che ora è ? / Che ora sono ?</em>

Sorry: Mi scusi (formal)
Excuse me: Scusatemi (plural) Sorry: <em>Mi scusi (formal)</em><br />
Excuse me: <em>Scusatemi (plural)</em>

Airport: Aeroporto Airport: <em>Aeroporto</em>

Train station: Stazione Train station: <em>Stazione</em>

Taxi: Taxi Taxi: <em>Taxi</em>

Hotel: Hotel / Albergho Hotel: <em>Hotel / Albergho</em>

Hospital: Ospedale Hospital: <em>Ospedale</em>

Bank: Banca Bank: <em>Banca</em>

Telephone: Telefono Telephone: <em>Telefono</em>

I'm (…): Sono (…). I'm (…): <em>Sono (…).</em>

I'm looking for (…): Sto cercando (…). I'm looking for (…): <em>Sto cercando (…).</em>

How much is (…)?: Quanto costa ? How much is (…)?: <em>Quanto costa ?</em>

Do you have (…)?: Ha (…) ? Do you have (…)?: <em>Ha (…) ?</em>

Where can I find (…)?: Dove si trova (…) ? / Dove posso trovare (…) ? Where can I find (…)?: <em>Dove si trova (…) ? / Dove posso trovare (…) ?</em>

Where can I buy (…)?: Dove si compra (…) ? / Dove posso comprare (…) ? Where can I buy (…)?: <em>Dove si compra (…) ? / Dove posso comprare (…) ?</em>

I'd like (…): Vorrei (…). I'd like (…): <em>Vorrei (…).</em>

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Good to know

+ phone number
0 : 00
of time difference with
Start of daylight saving time: last Sunday in March
End of daylight saving time: last Sunday in October


Usually open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Government offices

Usually open Monday to Friday in the morning only
230 V / 50 Hz


In Naples like everywhere in Italy, a service charge (servizio) is usually included in the bill at restaurants. If the service is exceptional, you can certainly leave a few extra euros. Some restaurants also apply a cover charge (pane e coperto, literally "bread and cutlery"), which is not considered as a gratuity. You should therefore make sure beforehand that tip and cover charge are included in the bill!

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