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There are a number of festivals, holidays and other events celebrated in Seychelles each year. The main ones are listed below.

January 1-2: New Year's Day (national)

New Year's Eve is an occasion for families to gather around large meals for two days. People of Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles, live to the rhythm of creole music. In the capital city Victoria, locals and tourists all gather on the Place de la République.

March or April: Easter Monday (national)

Easter is one of the most important events in Seychelles, celebrated by the 67,000 Christians living there (about 76% of the population). Since 2017, Easter Monday has become a national holiday, replacing Liberation Day on June 5.

May 1: Labour Day (national)

June 5: Liberation Day (local)

Until 2016, Liberation Day was a holiday in Seychelles. It commemorated the June 5, 1977 coup by France-Albert René against the government of the time and its president James Mancham. This day is still the occasion for various celebrations.

June 18: Constitution Day (national)

Constitution Day celebrates the reconciliation between those who lost power during the June 5, 1977 coup and those who took it, namely France-Albert René and his socialist supporters. Creation of the 1993 Constitution following public referendum is also being celebrated. A ceremony takes place in Victoria's Linité stadium. Various shows and a large firework display are also organised in the capital.

June 29: National Day (local)

Locals commemorate their independence from the United Kingdom in 1976. The archipelago became an independent state, part of the Commonwealth. Various parades and celebrations take place in Victoria, on Mahé Island.

November 1: All Saints' Eve (national)

In Seychelles, All Saints Day is pretty festive. Families gather to clean up and decorate tombstones before asking for their ancestors' blessing.

December 8: Immaculate Conception (national)

Processions of priests, religious and layman people take on the streets of Victoria. They are followed by a mass in the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

December 25: Christmas Day (national)

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Seychelles enjoy a tropical climate with a dry and a rainy season. Temperatures are constant all year long (comprised between 25°C/77°F and 30°C/86°F). You can therefore go to the Seychelles at any time. It is however recommended to favour transition periods between dry and rainy seasons (April to June and September to November) to enjoy a dry, sunny and little-to-not windy climate.

Month Min. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Max. Average Temperature (°C/F°) Average Rains (MM) Best Time to Travel
January 25/77 30/86 396/15.5 Not the best period to go
February 25/77 31/89 187/7.3 Not the best period to go
March 25/77 31/89 167/6.5 Not the best period to go
April 25/77 32/90 181/7.1 Good period to go Good period to go
May 26/79 31/89 152/6.0 Good period to go Good period to go
June 25/77 29/84 142/5.6 Good period to go Good period to go
July 24/75 28/82 105/4.1 Not the best period to go
August 24/75 29/84 114/4.5 Not the best period to go
September 25/77 29/84 154/6.1 Good period to go Good period to go
October 25/77 30/86 139/5.4 Good period to go Good period to go
November 25/77 30/86 204/8.0 Good period to go Good period to go
December 25/77 30/86 269/10.6 Not the best period to go
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Seychelles International airport

The Seychelles International Airport is located on the island of Mahé, 8 kilometres (5 miles) south of Victoria.

  • 2 terminals:
    • Terminal dedicated to domestic flights
    • Terminal dedicated to international flights (Air France)
  • By car:
    Access: from Victoria's city centre, head southeast on the Victoria-Providence motorway and follow the signs till you reach the airport (travel time: about 15 minutes).Parking: 40 short-term parking spots and more than 100 long-term ones. Parking facilities are directly connected to the terminals. Several rental companies have a counter in the arrivals and departures areas. Most are open only when a flight arrives or leaves.
  • By bus:
    • Bus lines are operated from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. They leave the Victoria station every 20 to 30 minutes. Bus stops are located on the main road in front of the airport (travel time: about 20 minutes). Expect around SCR 7 for a one-way ticket.
  • By taxi:
    • Taxis connect the airport to the rest of the island 24/7. To go to Victoria, expect fares starting around SCR 100.
  • By helicopter/plane: Zil Air (www.zilair.com) offers various helicopter and plan services between the international airport and the other islands of the archipelago. As for Air Seychelles (https://www.airseychelles.com/fr-sc), it operates a plane shuttle to Praslin.
  • Services: shops, bars, restaurants, free Internet access (Wi-Fi), currency exchange and a post office are available in the airport.
  • Telephone: +248 384 000
  • Website: https://victoria-seychelles.airport-authority.com/

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The three main islands (Mahé, Praslin and La Digue) being quite close to each other, it is relatively easy to move around. From helicopters to ferries and bikes, transportation modes are varied all across the archipelago.


Because traffic is fluid, renting a car at the airport or hotel may be the most simple and comfortable way of getting around Mahé and Praslin islands. Speed is limited to 40 km/h within city limits and 65 km/h outside. Please note that driving is on the left (with steering wheel on the right) and distances are in kilometres (not in miles).


Taxis are only available on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. A 20-minute trip costs around SCR 600. Make sure the taxi is equipped with a fixed meter. If not, you have to agree on a price with the driver beforehand.


To reach Praslin and La Digue from Mahé by sea, you can use one of two fast ferry boats. Several shuttles are operated each day and the trip offers magnificent view points of the archipelago and Indian Ocean. A trip from Mahé to Praslin costs around SCR 800, and from Praslin to La Digue about SCR 250.


Helicopters will easily take you from island to island, offering splendid views of the Seychelles along the way. Visit Zil Air's website (www.zilair.com) for information on destinations and pricing.


The least expensive way of getting around the Seychelles is to use public buses (expect SCR 5 to 10). They are operated every 30 minutes to one hour, on Mahé and Praslin exclusively. As there are no fixed bus stops, you have to wave at the bus driver if you want to get on board. Schedules can be consulted on the Compagnie de Transport Public des Seychelles' website (www.sptc.sc).


Riding a bike is a popular way of exploring the islands. On La Digue and Praslin, you can rent a bike on daily or weekly bases, making the activity a very interesting alternative to other modes of transportation.

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Visitor information

Upon your arrival in Seychelles, you can get in touch with local tourism professionals for further information and to help organise your stay.

Seychelles Tourism Board (STB)

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) is a government agency with six branches (tourism information offices) in the archipelago: 3 in Mahé (Victoria, Bel Ombre and at the airport), 2 in Praslin (at the airport and at the Saint-Anne Bay jetty) and 1 in La Digue.

Offers practical information and useful recommendations (accommodation, restaurants, public transport, festivals, cultural events, etc.).

  • Address of the main office: 2nd Floor, Espace Building, île du Port, PO Box 1262, Victoria-Mahé
  • Telephone: +248 4 671 300
  • Website: https://www.seychelles.travel/en/

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Medical information

See your doctor before you travel. It is recommended that you obtain insurance covering health care expenses as well as medical evacuation or repatriation before you leave home. Mahé, Praslin and La Digue count several hospitals and medical institutions, as well as quality medical practitioners and health specialists.


No vaccine is mandatory to stay in the Seychelles. However, it is recommended you protect yourself against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis A and B, typhoid and rabies (depending on the duration of your stay).

For more information, contact your Air France International Vaccination Centre:

Food safety

There are no food safety risks in Seychelles.


Tap water is safe to drink but filled with chlorine. It is recommended to drink from sealed bottles.

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Administrative formalities

Entry requirements for Seychelles

Whatever their nationality, travellers must hold a passport valid after their stay, show a return ticket (or stopover ticket to another country) and show proof of sufficient funds to cover daily expenses during their stay. Short-term visas may be delivered by the police at the airport, up to three months. Beyond that, a residence permit is necessary.

For more information, please visit the Seychelles immigration service website: www.mfa.gov.sc/

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Useful addresses

To enjoy peace of mind during your stay in Seychelles, visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country.

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Essential phrases

Here are a few basic Creole phrases that will make your stay in Seychelles a little easier:

Hello / Good morning / Good afternoon: Bonzour

Good evening: Bonswar

Goodbye: Baybay

Yes: Wi

No: Non

No, thank you: Non, mersi

Thank you very much: Mersi bokou

Please: Mersi

I don't understand: Mo pa konpran

Could you repeat ?: Repete silvouple

What time is it ?: Kel er i ete ?

Sorry: Eskiz mon
Excuse me: silvouple

Airport: Erport

Train station: Stasyon

Taxi: Taksi

Hotel: Lotel

Hospital: Lopital

Bank: Labank

Telephone: Telefonn

I'm (…): Mon…

I'm looking for (…): Mon pe rode

How much is (…)?: Konbyen sa ?

Do you have (…)?: Eski ou annan… ?

Where can I find (…)?: Kote mon kapab gannyen… ?

Where can I buy (…)?: Kote mon aste… ?

I'd like (…): Mon le…

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Good to know

+ phone number
3 : 00
of time difference with
No Daylight Savings Time in Seychelles.

Usually open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Usually open Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
220-240 V/50 Hz

In Seychelles islands, there is no tipping rule. It is however customary to leave a 5-10% tip when you are satisfied with service.

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