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Kenya: where fauna and flora meet 

When you think of Kenya, you think nature parks and safaris where you can gaze out upon lots of amazing wild animal! Aberdare and Meru are two of these parks, located right in the centre of the country at the foot of Mount Kenya. In the same area and not far from Nairobi, the capital, the fauna and flora’s rich heritage can be seen at the Giraffe Centre and the Nairobi Arboretum. Nairobi is the starting point for countless safaris, and is home to an elephant sanctuary and black rhino reserve. In the South of Kenya lies an enormous nature park surrounding Mombasa, the Tsavo National Park, as well as Kora, the country’s oldest nature reserve. When wondering what to do in Kenya, we often forget Rift Valley to the South of the country, with its volcanoes, green open spaces, woods, ochre soil and most importantly its many lakes. When travelling to Kenya, you cannot miss out on a visit to the banks of Lake Nakuru, where thousands of pink flamingos come and nest.

Preparing your trip to Kenya

There are two favoured periods to travel in when considering going to Kenya. The first is from July to October as the short rainy season starts in November, and the second is from December to March as the main rainy season is mostly between April and June. Most tourist accommodation is generally closed during these two rainy seasons. During dry months, temperatures border on about 86°F. Make sure you read your travel guide to Kenya to figure out which of the country’s many historical attractions you wish to visit. The city of Mombasa has a historical centre yet has a modern touch to it with its docks and shipyards. Fort Jesus dates back to the 16th century and is home to the national marine park. The old town of Lamu, Malindi, was a trade hub on route to the Indies. You may also like to visit to the archaeological site of Gede, or the Takwa ruins - only recently discovered.