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Chile, a delight from north to south

A thin strip of territory between Argentina and the Pacific ocean, Chili is often considered to be the ultimate destination for enthusiasts of latin America who are looking for a real change of scenery….From the south to the north, some incredible landscapes await you during your stay in Chile, along with the warm welcome of the Chilean people.

Spanning 4 300 kilometres, from the rich green mountains of the south to the arid deserts of the north, a trip to Chile holds many surprises for nature lovers and outdoor sport enthusiasts alike. Adventure bound in chilean Patagonia, the nature reserve of Torres del Paine in the Andes invites you to embark on long majestic hikes of a few days. Moving up from Patagonia, the lakes region contrasts through its bucolic atmosphere and central european architecture. The welcoming villages of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas are the perfect base camps for a cycling excursion around the Llanquihue lake or a canyoning trip in the Andes.

A stay in Chile is also an invitation to discover the north. More arid, the deserts which border Bolivia are bursting with unforgettable lunar like landscapes. The Atacama desert is the seat of numerous international observatories. Thanks to its altitude and clear climate, it is often described as the best location in the world to admire the night sky. San Pedro d’Atacama is the starting point of many surreal and fantastic hikes in the valle de la Luna, as well as excursions to the colored lakes of the chilean altiplano.

A visit to Chile would not be complete without a stop in Santiago. This cosmopolitan capital has no shortage of alluring qualities thanks to its historic and cultural heritage and it’s world renowned restaurants which showcase chilean gastronomy. Further afield, on the edge of the ocean, don’t forget to visit Valparaiso, with its colorful houses, its cable cars and Pablo Neruda’s house.