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Need more time to think?

 When you book tickets online, you can choose our “Time to Think” option. This feature saves your reservation and guarantees the same price for up to 3 days.*

This option is available for:

- €5** for all flights within metropolitan France, within Europe, or between Europe and North Africa or Israel,
- €15** for all other flights,
- free for infants up to 23 months old, or for travel in the La Première cabin.

To confirm your purchase, visit the “Review / Modify your reservations” section to pay for your ticket before the end of the “Time to Think” period. Do not modify your initial reservation. If you do not confirm your reservation by purchasing your ticket, it will be automatically canceled at the end of the “Time to Think” period.

* The duration of the “Time to Think” period varies according to your destination and reservation date.
** Fee per person in euros, to be added to the ticket price. This option is non-refundable.

Remember to provide us with your contact information when booking your reservation to stay updated in real time!
When booking your reservation, please provide the mobile phone number(s) and e-mail address you will use during your trip. We will then keep you informed in real time of any changes concerning your flight.

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