Zum Schwarzen Kameel: from morning to night, always excellent

Zum Schwarzen Kameel: from morning to night, always excellent

You can come at any time and be certain that you will be received well, but more especially, you can taste one of the excellent specialities.

This place has been open for 400 years, which is certainly enough to boast a rich past. Originally, it was a dairy-grocery store. Over the years, the house has grown along with its reputation.

So much so that it is now busy from cocktail hour until the last glass. The owner is proud of his recipes, often those of his mother. The menu changes each month, but the specialities remain. From one of the renowned Kameel sandwiches, accompanied by a glass of wine at the bar, to a more invigorating meal in the dining room, with wood panelling among the more recent additions to the place (20th century), there is something to please everyone.

In summer, the sidewalk terrace welcomes guests, and everywhere, the atmosphere is warm. The only challenge is not to overindulge on the delicious wines carefully selected by the sommelier.

Zum Schwarzen Kameel
Bognergasse 5
1010 Vienna

+43 1 533 8125


Menu: around 68 EUR