Wooden Spoon, perfect meeting spot for a brunch

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Wooden Spoon, perfect meeting spot for a brunch

From breakfast till tea time, Wooden Spoon has established itself as the new HQ of trendy youth looking for coffee and a sweet note.

Care for a brunch? Or lunch with salads, sandwiches and various tapas platters to share? Then this place will become your new sanctuary, thanks to generous and colourful servings. In an elegant and refined decor that instantly puts you at ease, the atmosphere feels warm and laid back, with wooden spoons being displayed everywhere on the walls. Enjoy a cocktail – in moderation – or a smoothie according to your mood (and depending on the time), or, why not, a simple yet comforting cup of coffee… anything goes! On the menu, the Blue Green Smoothie Bowl (banana, pineapple, hemp seeds, buckwheat granola and various seasonal fruits) mixes cereals and fruits for a high-energy drink, ideal when you're feeling low on energy. If you are having brunch, indulge in the Big Spoon (eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, pancakes and veggies), a full plate to start off the day with a bang. It's a fact, Wooden Spoon brings satisfaction to all late-morning comers.

Wooden Spoon
2172 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

+1 415 946 3005


Menu: between 8 and 30 USD