White Lily Diner, healthy-style diner

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White Lily Diner, healthy-style diner

A stone's throw from the Don River in Toronto, White Lily Diner bets on healthy and fresh food, in the typical setting of a local restaurant.

Five huge capital letters form the word diner on the facade. In Toronto, White Lily Diner showcases a very typically North American style, with partitioned tables, mustard yellow bench seats and an overall retro look. This old school appearance is complete with school chairs and old photos of the Queen East neighbourhood on the walls. Like any self-respecting diner, it is also open for breakfast, lunch or simple snacking.
The menu plays on classics, with a healthy twist thanks to fresh and local ingredients, in a farm-to-table philosophy. As another sign of goodwill toward healthier, comforting and more balanced diet, the fryer has been outlawed from the kitchen! Try the patty melts house specials, sandwiches filled with a beef patty and cheese sauce between two slices of hot bread. A deliciously regressive experience for grown-ups and a simple joy for youngsters.

White Lily Diner
678 Queen St E
ON M4M 1G8

+1 (0)416 901 7800


Menu: around 27 CAD