When Maisons du Monde becomes a hotel

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When Maisons du Monde becomes a hotel

The famous brand of home decoration and furniture applies its experience to hospitality with a hotel located in the historic centre of Nantes, only a few miles from its headquarters.

From the lobby onward and just like its stores, Maisons du Monde's very first hotel is stylish, full of plants and inspired by the world over. Only missing is the check-in counter, since you will find a simple and modern tablet instead. Increasing the feeling of travelling around, the hotel offers 47 rooms decorated in 5 different styles. Here, everything has been devised as a home away from home. The concept is to give clients an experience that differs from classic hospitality fashions. Depending on your mood, choose the “ExploChic” style, adapted to adventure seekers or the “Jagger” for adepts of glamour and rock'n roll. The “Green Grey” is dedicated to nature's fauna and flora, the “Classique Chic” displays a more subdued atmosphere and the “Exochic” mixes styles with a plant wall and industrial feel. Families will appreciate the connected bedrooms – simply ask for them.

True to the brand philosophy set up by its headquarters based in Vertou (in the suburb of Nantes), this Maisons du Monde Hôtel & Suites pays particular attention to ecological issues: the entire furniture has thus been awarded the protection and sustainable forest management label.

Maisons du monde Hôtel & Suites
2 bis rue Santeuil
44000 Nantes

+33 (0)2 40 73 46 68


Rooms: from 99 EUR