Welcome to the canteen of the future

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Welcome to the canteen of the future

In the Pinheiros neighbourhood of São Paulo, Futuro Refeitorio presents alternative and partisan cuisine, giving quality products pride of place.

Built on a former parking lot, the Futuro Refeitorio restaurant looks huge. The modern and pared-down interiors reveal an open-plan kitchen, barely separated from the tables by a counter. This is actually a decision made by chef Gabriela Barretto to support quality control over what we eat, even at the café or restaurant. To put this “philosophy” into practice, bread, ricotta cheese and even coconut and almond milks are made on the spot.
All day long, the “canteen of the future” (translation of “futuro refeitório”) offers a mouthwatering menu, based on vegetables, fruits and cereals. Choose a black rice and coconut salad, pappardelle pasta in herb pesto or – because meat eaters should not be forgotten – a sirloin steak in chimichurri sauce… Be it pastries, cocoa or coffee, everything is carefully selected from responsible farmers. Because it is possible to treat yourself and do your bit for the planet at the same time!

Futuro Refeitório
R. Cônego Eugênio Leite, 808
São Paulo 05414-001

+55 (0)11 3085 5885


Menu: snacks from 8 BRL