Wayla, devoted to spice

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Wayla, devoted to spice

Head east on a gustatory voyage of discovery at Wayla and experience the flavours of Bangkok's markets without leaving New York.

Situated in the Lower East Side, near Chinatown, Wayla offers diners an extraordinary Thai adventure. Hidden within this one-of-a-kind cavern is a modern, elegant setting with an incredible inner courtyard and patio; a lush oasis which is very popular with local businesspeople, who flock here during the week. Because of this, the service is quick, efficient, and fuss-free. Chef Tom Naumsuwan, a Bangkok native, has designed his menu around exceptional, homestyle comfort food.

The restaurant is especially well known for its curry and Tom Yum soup. For adventurous diners with a less sensitive palate, the Kua Kling Kung, made from prawns, galangal - a spice similar to ginger, but with a citrussy flavour - and chilli paste from southern Thailand - is a must. And if you really want to turn up the heat, ask for your dish to be made extra spicy! The friendly atmosphere of this neighbourhood restaurant is also reflected in the wide selection of small plates that can be ordered to share. When it comes to dessert, the delicious coconut ice cream or jackfruit mochi are just the thing to cool down your taste-buds.

100 Forsyth Street
New York, NY 10002

+1 212 206 2500

Menu: around 30 USD