Visit the city on a Polish bus!

Visit the city on a Polish bus!

Jumping onto this 1970s bus is like going back in time to Iron Curtain days. It's another way of seeing the city.

On board his Polish Nysa 522 minibus, Rafal Patla, founder of Adventure Warsaw, offers an unusual city tour exploring the vestiges of the communist era and its socialist-realism style. In the backfiring vehicle, one can just make out the tour guide's words: ‘After the war, the Soviets razed the last mansions still standing to widen the streets, changing perspectives and removing what was considered too bourgeois. After 1989, we built in all directions, with no real plan. But the city has many hidden gems.' This former student of urban planning also likes to show the part of the city dating to before the war, when it was called the ‘Paris of the North‘. The adventure continues in a milk bar (mleczny bar), a canteen of the Soviet era, and ends at the Communism Museum. There you will necessarily toast to the friendship of peoples around a fizzy drink or a shot of vodka. Cheers!

Adventure Warsaw and the Communism Museum
Soho Factory
25a/111 rue Mińska

+48 515 908 505