Vegan Portuguese specialities at Em Carne Viva

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Vegan Portuguese specialities at Em Carne Viva

Forget about meat and fish, everywhere to be found in Portuguese cuisine. At Em Carne Viva, regional gastronomy is revived with vegan cooking.

Vegan, vegetarian, or simply curious about new plant-based food trends? Then head to Em Carne Viva, a corner restaurant in the Boavista neighbourhood that produces endless vegan variations of Portuguese cuisine with the same great flavours as before.

Enter this small and narrow house, climb up the wooden staircase and gaze at the mouldings around you. Upstairs, waxed wooden floors and a major marble fireplace adorn the living room-turned dining hall. Under a glass chandelier, food lovers sit comfortably on wood and burgundy velvet chairs. On sunny days, ask for a table in the garden located in the back of the restaurant, for a special intimate moment filled with romanticism. Alternately, if the weather grows colder, a conservatory will welcome you.

The place speaks for itself: here, you will only be served gastronomic-level dishes. The menu draws direct inspiration from Porto's traditional cooking, with a touch of fun (Em Carne Viva means "raw meat"). For instance, if you order a francesinha, the beef steak will be replaced by a surprising red bean one. The tofu is cooked a lagareiro with olive oil and garlic, while vegan meatballs reproduce the flavours of the alheira Portuguese sausage. At Em Carne Viva, each speciality gets the vegan treatment, and the bet is to always retain their original essence.

Em Carne Viva
Avenida da Boavista 868
4100-112 Porto

+351 93 235 2722

Menu: around 17 EUR