Trendy night at the Monkey Bar

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Trendy night at the Monkey Bar

With creative cocktails and food specialities, the Monkey Bar is the perfect place to relax with friends after a day of visits.

Around the Monkey Bar in the trendy Bandra neighbourhood, ambiant music fills up the Indian night. Take note, this Indian gastronomic pub is the trendiest hideout of the Mumbai metropolis! On the original and non-conformist menu, pride of place is given to fresh, innovative and affordable products, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Expect key dishes like hamburgers grilled over wood fire, as well as a selection of delightful tapas platters to fulfil all your wishes.
You have to try – in moderation of course – one of their delicious fruity cocktails, served in Nutella jars or copper cups. With graffiti-covered walls, wooden furniture and vintage lights, Monkey Bar carries its own style. And remember that Bandra never fails to wonder when the time comes to have fun!

Monkey Bar
Junction of 14th & 33rd
Linking Road
Bandra West
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

+91 (0)22 2600 5215

Menu: from 580 INR