Traditional and rustic recipes at Tiesto's

Traditional and rustic recipes at Tiesto's

It is considered to be one of Ecuador's very best restaurants. In Cuenca, Tiesto's chef Juan Carlos Solano offers family food that pleases tourists and locals alike.

Eye-catching and colourful tablecloths are just a foretaste of what is to come. At Tiesto's, expect a rustic atmosphere, conveyed with massive exposed beams, ceramic crockery, panama hats and dried corncobs hanging over doorframes for decoration. In the back, right behind the wooden counter of the open-plan kitchen, chef and owner Juan Carlos Solano gets busy. He regularly parts from pots and pans to meet with guests and sometimes even guide their choice depending on one's taste. It will however be tough to resist the chicken curry with macadamia nuts, Tiesto's special veal ribs or the shrimp soup. Some dishes on the menu are served as family-size meals meant to be shared around the table. And do not think twice about the tasting menu: its generous servings are perfect for two!

Juan Jaramillo 4-89 y Mariano Cueva
Cuenca 010104

+593 (0)7 283 5310

Menu: around 32 USD