Tomie Ohtake Institute: almost a family home

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Tomie Ohtake Institute: almost a family home

Tomie Ohtake was one of Brazil's greatest artists. She embodies the cosmopolitan society of São Paulo that is the essence of contemporary Brazil.

This woman was amazing! ‘Work is always good', she said when she was preparing the exhibition of her centenary. Born in Kyoto in 1913, Tomie Ohtake died in São Paulo in 2015. She began painting at the age of 40 and went from a figurative art of landscape, still lifes, and portraits to abstraction and geometry, working with primary colours such as red and yellow, symbolising her two countries. Her son Ruy Ohtake created the blue and purple structure of the centre that bears her name, and which another of her sons, Ricardo Ohtake, manages.

You will discover her paintings and sketches there and will learn that she also made monumental sculptures for the city of São Paulo, which will inspire you to see them, especially on 23 de Maio and Paulista avenues. Temporary exhibitions are organised regularly alongside her work, which spans over 60 years.

Tomie Ohtake Institute
Av. Brg. Faria Lima, 201
São Paulo 05426-100

+55 (0)11 2245 1900