Thursday Party, the best bar for international rendezvous

Thursday Party, the best bar for international rendezvous

At this multicultural address in Seoul, locals and foreigners mingle for a festive evening.

This bar is aptly named: ‘Thursday Party', a rendezvous for partygoers. Koreans and foreigners meet to talk, dance and have a night on the town where a festive atmosphere is assured.


On the brick wall the name of the bar appears in neon letters, the light is dimmed and the music loud. The bartenders serve cocktails of all kinds: Long Islands, Cosmos or Mojitos, but beer lovers will also find what they're looking for.

Everything is done to make sure you have a great evening and you will likely stay late into the night. Snacks can be served if you are hungry and you can play darts in teams or foosball or even beer pong, the version of ping pong in which you throw the ball into the glass on the other side of the net. Have fun!

Thursday Party
124-6 Itaewon 1(il)-dong

+82 (0)2 790 4222

Cocktails: from 4,000 KRW