The welcoming atmosphere of Mercearia do Conde

The welcoming atmosphere of Mercearia do Conde

The vibrant energy of São Paulo sets in at your table at Mercearia do Conde.

Upon arriving in front of this restaurant, you will be caught up in its warm atmosphere that exudes joie de vivre. The front in turquoise blue, enhanced with yellow and pink touches and green plants, will entice you to enter. Threshold crossed, the smiles of Flávia Marioto and Maddalena Stasi welcome you, since 1991. Each corner of the room is adorned with trinkets of all kinds, giving Mercearia do Conde incredible charm.
Flávia travels often in search of new influences, which is reflected in her cooking. Peruvian, Mexican, Italian, French and Asian inspirations mix with Brazilian flavours.
Get seated to enjoy the sweet and sour tuna, wasabi cauliflower puree and vegetables. For dessert, give into temptation with the surprising seasonal fruit meringue, accompanied by a sherbet and berry syrup, or the equally original grilled banana, tapioca sorbet and guava coulis.

Mercearia do Conde
Rua Joaquim Antunes, 217
São Paulo 05415-010

+55 (0)11 3081 7204

Menu: 59 BRL