The Warsaw Rising Museum, tribute to a martyr city

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The Warsaw Rising Museum, tribute to a martyr city

Opened on the very day of the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of fighting in Warsaw, the Rising Museum traces one of the bloodiest urban battles of the Second World War.

In September 1939, the Polish capital fell under Nazi occupation. Condemned to be deported to concentration camps or executed in the streets, Varsovians organized themselves into clandestine armies to combat the violence of the besiegers. In April 1943, the Jewish people took up arms in the ghetto and fought relentlessly.

The museum provides a dramatic account of this Polish insurrection through hundreds of objects, photographs and sound recordings and, similarly, tells the story of the country's occupation and resistance. From the daily life of inhabitants to the complexity of the international situation and the terror of German oppression to the men and women who fought for the liberation of Poland. Many multimedia documents are gathered and arranged with background music or tank sounds, in a highly realistic atmosphere with the intention of emotionally recreating the ambiance of the period.

Warsaw Rising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego)
Grzybowska 79
00-844 Warszawa

+48 225 397 905