Regional wines from the vineyards of Beaujolais

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Regional wines from the vineyards of Beaujolais

Set off on the hilly roads of the Beaujolais region and discover its passion for wine. A journey in the land of wine, from Saint-Amour to Chiroubles.

Rent a car in search of the wine that is said by experts to be the most sensual of all. The Beaujolais vineyards are some of the most picturesque in the world, with narrow roads winding through sloping vineyards. Follow the valley from Lyon to Mâcon through 55 km of vineyard-filled countryside. The Gamay grape reigns supreme here: it is the only variety permitted for making Beaujolais, and is what gives these red wines their range of body and depth. Each village has given its name to a famous growth: Saint-Amour, Chiroubles, Juliénas, Brouilly, Morgon…

Winemakers work the land and the vine to develop wines sometimes referred to as 'masculine', with a rich, aromatic, and complex palette that they share with their Burgundian neighbours. Beaujolais wine is convivial and made for sharing. The harvesting season is a direct witness to this: it is a time of gathering when everyone picks the bunches of grapes by hand, since this is one of the remaining regions to resist mechanical harvesting.

Every third Thursday of November, connoisseurs celebrate the arrival of the new Beaujolais in bistros throughout the country. It is practically a national celebration, and can be witnessed all over France!

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