The sulphurous ardour of the Poas volcano

The sulphurous ardour of the Poas volcano

I am near Alajuela, less than 50 kilometres from San José and at over 2,700 meters above sea level. Who am I? I am the volcano Poas and I still release vapours.

The famous stratovolcano of Costa Rica, Poas, has had several dozen eruptions since 1828 and it has been active, according to scientists, for more than 11 million years. In January 1910, it released a column of vapours and ashes up to 8,000 meters in height. Since then, its main crater has been home to an acid lake whose water apparently relieves muscle pain and treats wounds.

The Poas volcano still releases some fumaroles and sulphurous vapours, while it continues frequent phreatic eruptions similar to Geyser activity. The site is easily accessible and the proposed trails are numerous: ‘Sombrilla de Pobre', ‘Laguna Botos' or ‘Escalonia'. You can approach, with care, the gases that follow the internal slopes of the crater then slowly escape into the clear sky. A magical show!

Volcan Poas
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