The Prater: trees, a Ferris Wheel, and amusements

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The Prater: trees, a Ferris Wheel, and amusements

The Prater has been a Viennese favourite for two centuries. People come to walk and get some fresh air, but they also come to have fun.

Emperor Joseph II opened this former imperial hunting reserve on the Danube to the public in 1766. Since then, it has been a huge recreational and relaxation area, where many sports facilities have been built. On one side is the carnival, with nearly 250 attractions, and on the other is one of the favourite places for the Viennese to stroll.

Walkers and joggers take advantage of its shady paths, vast lawns, and grasslands. In bygone days, carriages would parade past, but today people prefer to walk or picnic among the trees.

The Giant Ferris Wheel, built in 1896-97 and famous for the film The Third Man, dominates the city from a height of 64.75 meters. Damaged by fire in 1944, it now comprises only 15 pods instead of 30.

Giant Ferris Wheel
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