The Munich Residenz: Antiquarium shrine

The Munich Residenz: Antiquarium shrine

The palace of the residence of the Wittelsbach House has 130 rooms in different styles, filled with masterpieces and jewels. Among them is the sumptuous Renaissance Antiquarium gallery.

The Munich Residenz is one of the most important museums in Bavaria. This jewel, open to the public since 1920, was once the home of the Wittelsbachs, one of the oldest royal families in the Holy Roman Empire, rulers of Bavaria and the Palatinate, the territory of the German Empire ruled by the Count Palatine of the Rhine.

The palace residence was built and enlarged over several centuries, and thus contains a variety of architectural styles : Gothic basements, Renaissance halls, gardens and wing, Baroque gallery and bedrooms, Rococo apartments, treasury and theatre, an imposing facade, and a classical chapel. Visit the Hall of Ancestors and ceremonial rooms, the porcelain and silverware rooms, and the reliquary.

Then go to the sumptuous Antiquarium, which Alain Resnais shot to bewitching effect in Last Year at Marienbad. The 69-metre-long barrel vault the longest Renaissance hall north of the Alps—has 17 recessed windows, between which run the gorgeous frescoes and antique busts.

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