The multi-coloured Kali Kampal temple

The multi-coloured Kali Kampal temple

Come and celebrate the Hindu goddess Kali in this vibrant Tamil temple.

Located in the heart of Saint-Denis, the most important Hindu temple in the region will brighten your day with its bright hues. The various carved scenes of this multi-coloured edifice pay homage to the goddess Kali and give life to this imposing work. You will be able to admire the sacred mountain home to the Hindu gods Parvati, Shiva or Ganesh, among many others.
Built in 1917 by the local merchant community, it was originally a modest-sized iron monument. It has been expanded over the years up until its most recent renovation in 2012 to become the temple you can now admire, which can be visited with the guardian as a guide. Please do not forget to respectfully abide by a few rules such as removing your shoes before going in, and refraining from taking pictures inside. At the end of the tour, you can leave a fruit offering in honour of the goddess Kali.

Kali Kampal Temple
97400 Saint-Denis