The covered market of yesteryear is back in Bacalan

The covered market of yesteryear is back in Bacalan

On the Pontac promenade, a stone's throw from the Chaban-Delmas bridge, the Halles de Bacalan gather a selection of Southwest producers as a rallying symbol of local gastronomy.

Facing the Garonne river, near the Cité du Vin and the Grain silo, the laminated wood roof of the Bacalan covered market catches the eye. Before you even step in, the large picture windows will give you an enticing glimpse of what awaits. The food market itself spreads over 1,000 sqm, with about twenty stalls offers their products daily, except on Monday. Among them, many merchants and producers favour local distribution channels, as 85% of what you find in Bacalan is actually produced in the southwest of France. Butcher and pork butcher shops, fishmongers, poultry and oyster farmers, foie gras specialists, cheese, wine and truffle producers, greengrocers and bakers abound, including a vegetarian deli! Those high-end merchants will give you a pretty exhaustive idea of local gastronomy. All year long, various events and animations take place: cooking lessons, plays, concerts… Paying further tribute to its location, the Bacalan market also welcome a brewery, the Familia, which used to be an emblematic establishment - at once bar, restaurant and movie theatre - from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Les Halles de Bacalan by Biltoki
10 esplanade de Pontac
33300 Bordeaux

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