The Chicago Theatre, temple of American cinema

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The Chicago Theatre, temple of American cinema

Called the “Wonder Theatre of the World”, the Chicago Theatre was the first major movie theatre in the US, and served as a prototype for all others.

The grandeur of the Chicago Theatre often leaves visitors speechless. Restored in 1930s style, it reopened on September 10, 1986 with a live Frank Sinatra concert.

A true palace, the Chicago Theatre was for many years the residence of the Balaban & Katz Theatre corporation. Until 1945, it was one of the world's most prestigious cinemas. Listed by the National Register of Historic Places and the Chicago Landmark, it is today one of the city's most popular music venues, for everything from pop concerts to musicals. Built in a French baroque style, the exterior building façade features a stylised, sculpted replica of the Arc de Triomphe, just above the theatre's eye-popping name in neon.

Chicago Theatre
175 N State St
Chicago, IL 60601

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