The Cauldron, magic potion for happy hours

cocktail bar - unusual
The Cauldron, magic potion for happy hours

Largely inspired by Edinburgh's magical presence, but also by the Harry Potter saga, this cocktail bar makes truly enchanting drinks.

Try and hold that feeling of surprise as you walk in The Cauldron. Despite the many wizard robes donned by customers, multicoloured drinks, magic wans and vials stacked on the shelves, you have not entered the Leaky Cauldron, nor is it Professor Rogue's potion room. This unusual cocktail bar does draw its inspiration from the magical universe of Harry Potter, but it remains firmly restricted to “Muggles”, that is anyone who lacks any sort of magic power. However, it will not prevent you from becoming a true wizard for the time of a drink or two.

Put on a robe, lent by the establishment, and choose among the many creative cocktails on the menu: try the Serum of Loose Lips (vodka, Aperol, peach, vanilla, lemon and milk), which the house mixologist describes as “an elixir as clear as crystal, made to reveal the truth buried deep”. Alternately, go for the Dragon's Breath (homemade strawberry syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice and white rum), topped by a fireball! You may even brew your own magic potion, with or without alcohol, during a master class. In a small cauldron from which deep smoke exudes, you will try your hand at molecular mixology and create your mix with a wand. Which is enough to reveal if you are a true wizard or not!

The Cauldron
57a Frederick Street
Edinburgh EH2 1LH

+44 131 466 1973

Menu: cocktails from 10 GBP