The Castro Theatre, more than a neighbourhood cinema

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The Castro Theatre, more than a neighbourhood cinema

An architectural jewel where cinema festivals, receptions and evenings of all kinds are organised—visiting the Castro Theatre is a must in San Francisco.

Built in 1922 by architect Timothy L. Pflueger, the Castro Theatre is one of the few early 20th-century cinemas in the country to still be in operation. Note the Mexican, Spanish and Arabic influences seen in the mouldings and arabesques that decorate the interior facades of the lobby. Large gold-framed mirrors hang above the two main staircases and the walls are decorated with movie posters.

The screening room, meanwhile, has a warm atmosphere where you will find traditional red velvet seats. An organ player will even entertain you with an impressive instrument before the beginning of the film. Then the curtain will rise, making way for the big screen. Discover programming that suits all tastes, mixing old auteur films and modern productions. You can also attend festivals, musicals and even sing-a-long nights!

Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

+1 415 621 6120