The Canopy Tower, a view of the treetops

The Canopy Tower, a view of the treetops

Life in the great outdoors in the middle of a tropical forest! Head to the Canopy Tower for an unexpected treat.

In the Soberanía National Park tropical forest, you can't miss the turquoise Canopy Tower. From its rooftop terrace, you will have the unique opportunity to observe more than 400 bird species – Panama is one of the world's hottest ornithological spots, with more than 1,000 species listed – as well as all kinds of small mammals that parade right before your eyes. You will never feel as close to wildlife, while enjoying an impressive view of the Pacific.
The Canopy Tower was originally a radar tower built by the US Air Force to help defend the Panama Canal. Converted into a hotel with 12 single rooms or suites spread over two floors, it allows you to spend one or more nights in the foliage of trees, far from the tumults of Panama City. During the day, you have unlimited access to the observation deck and organized excursions to the main observation sites.

Canopy Tower
National Park Soberanía

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Rooms: from 229 USD