The Bradbury Building, a piece of Los Angeles history

The Bradbury Building, a piece of Los Angeles history

If you are a fan of the silver screen, then the Bradbury Building, one of the most famous buildings in Los Angeles, belongs on your itinerary.

From the outside, with its four floors and terracotta façade, the Bradbury Building at Broadway and 3rd Street looks like the buildings in lots of big American cities. You need to step inside the monumental door to appreciate the splendour of this landmark, which was commissioned in 1893 by Lewis L. Bradbury (1823-1892). The millionaire businessman intended to bring his various enterprises together under its roof but did not live to see the building completed.

The story goes that architect George Wyman was initially unsure about taking the commission but accepted it after making contact with the spirit of his dead brother during a seance. His brother is said to have told him: “Take the Bradbury Building and you will be successful!”

You sense this other-worldly aspect of the building's history as soon as you enter the awe-inspiring atrium, with its huge glass roof that floods the space with light. Wherever you look, there are intertwining, spectacular cast-iron staircases, period hydraulic lifts and jet-black iron railings. The upper floors are occupied by commercial offices, so only the atrium and lower floors are accessible to visitors. But do not worry, a short stroll around this National History Landmark is all it takes to literally travel back in time. There is a reason why feature-length classics such as Blade Runner (1982) and The Artist (2011) were filmed here. The Bradbury Building is a star in its own right!

Bradbury Building
304 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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