The Bata Shoe Museum, a museum dedicated to shoes

The Bata Shoe Museum, a museum dedicated to shoes

A perfect place for shoe lovers, Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum displays over 4,500 years of history with models from all over the world.

A paradise of all kinds of shoes awaits you at Bata Shoe Museum, a sort of giant shoe box transformed into a work of art by architect Raymond Moriyama. Discover a collection of over a thousand models made out of wood, silk, fur and even hair. Various shapes, one more unlikely than the next, come from diverse periods and regions of the world. Shoes protect and support you, drag you outside in all types of weather, make you run, keep you warm and, today, strike a pose, au naturel.
In addition to three galleries where you can admire many temporary exhibitions, an entire room is dedicated to shoes worn by celebrities in the 20th century, such as Gandhi's leather sandals, Princess Diana's heels and Elton John's platform boots. The public owes this museum to businesswoman Sonja Bata, who has travelled to the most remote places on Earth to bring back unique pieces, symbols of different lifestyles and multiple cultures.

Bata Shoe Museum
327 Bloor Street West
Toronto ON M5S 1W7

+1 416 979 7799