Thanks Nature Café: a natural rest stop in Hongdae

Thanks Nature Café: a natural rest stop in Hongdae

Very popular in South Korea for its innocence and sweetness, this original café has two sheep to keep you company.

Seoul has its share of cafés, each more original than the other: dog bars, cat bars, Hello Kitty cafés concepts that have been exported to several other cities.

Here is the latest Korean novelty: a sheep bar! Thanks Nature Café, established in the student district of Hongdae, serves drinks in the company of the too-cute Lily and Milky. Housed in a building basement, amidst a wooden decor of plants and figurines bearing the likeness of the bar's stars, it offers snacks: waffles, toast, coffee, juice and tea, all reasonably priced. You have the choice between two rooms, one inside, the other outside, near the sheep pens. Big or small, come feed and cuddle your two new friends.

Thanks Nature Cafe
486 Seogyo-dong

+82 (0)2 3357 470

Menu: around 5,000 KRW