Tena, gateway to the Amazon

Tena, gateway to the Amazon

Capital of the Napo region, 190 kilometres southwest of Quito, Tena is a Quechua city and an easy access route to the Amazon rainforest.

Sweaters and other warm articles will soon make way for lighter clothing in Tena. Far from Quito's weather, this Eastern Amazonian town lives under 35°C (95°F) and a humid climate as a result of the surrounding jungle. The city centre was arranged around the walking bridge that gathers the two banks. Bars, restaurants, gardens and monkeys roaming free are all part of the landscape. From the bridge, you will also easily reach the peninsula and the Parque Amazónico, transformed into a botanical garden from which you can observe the Sumaco, Sangay and Reventador volcanoes, some of the most active ones in Ecuador.
What really makes Tena special is its close proximity to the Amazonian jungle. At the confluence of Tena and Pena rivers, which can be navigated on a dugout canoe, the local Quechua communities will offer you to trek to the heart of this primal forest. As you enter deeper and deeper into nature, the cassava and banana plantations will soon be replaced with the climbing plants and other centenary trees of the tropical jungle. Your guides will clear the path, armed with machetes, for you to follow into a denser environment. As night falls, a makeshift camp will shelter you. The sounds of nighttime animals may intimidate some, but this excursion in the heart of the primal forest is well worth it.