Sport, culture and music at Olympiapark München

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Sport, culture and music at Olympiapark München

Relive the passion of the 1972 Munich Olympics by visiting its famous park.

In the Bavarian capital, tourists flock around a monumental structure that was built to host the Summer Olympic Games in 1972. In more than forty years, the Munich Olympic Park has continued to grow to become one of the most important recreation centres in the world. In addition to the sports events promoted here, it is also the scene of many cultural and commercial events: concerts, fairs, screenings, conferences and exhibitions.

From the panoramic TV tower, you can see the stretched canvases that connect the different spaces of the park. Soccer, hockey, skating, fitness, running, tennis, mini-golf, boating, rollerblading—the activities offered in the indoor and outdoor areas are varied and, when the winter is cooling down in the region, you will love to cruise down Olympic hill on the kids' sled!

Olympiapark München
Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21
80809 München

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