Sophisticated cocktails at Casa Minghetti

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Sophisticated cocktails at Casa Minghetti

Mixology as an art of its own at Casa Minghetti, trendy cocktail bar in Bologna.

Casa Minghetti took up residence on Minghetti Piazza, one of Bologna's most beautiful squares. Favoured by cocktail lovers, the bar is always crowded as soon as the night sets in. Candles burn and light up the patio through lanterns made of zinc. Inside, the small drinking room subtly blends a vintage look enhanced by a painted ceiling, with modern decoration. However, everything truly happens at the counter, where house mixologist Pano works his magic. Order – in moderation – one of his signature drinks, like the Dolce Vita (whisky, cedar juice, almond and Morello cherry syrups, soda water) or the Californication (gin, cranberry liquor, melon juice, jalapeño and Mexican bitter), and pay attention to the artistry in the making. If you're lucky, you may even witness one of these bartender contests and take advantage to try new recipes.

Casa Minghetti
Piazza Minghetti 1A
40124 Bologna

+39 051 587 6685

Menu: cocktails from 11 EUR