Soberanía National Park

Soberanía National Park

Head for the green paradise of this tropical rainforest, 30 minutes from downtown Panama.

With 22,000 hectares of protected areas, Soberanía National Park, just 25 kilometres from the capital, provides easy access to the rainforest. This gorgeous green space is the playground of many local species, such as the howler monkey, armadillo, and the quetzal. It's a bird watcher's paradise, with over 525 species on hand. The 17-kilometre Pipeline Road provides opportunities to see roadrunners, trogons, and spangled cotingas. You can walk to the watchtower, perched 40 metres above the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center to see more tropical birds. To make the most of the atmosphere, spend a night in the park at the Canopy Tower, a former US Army radar station, now a bird-watching mecca, or the Gamboa Rainforest Resort, a vast complex immersed in the jungle.

Rainforest Discovery Center
Colon, Panamá

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