Smoke Shop BBQ, Boston's true institution

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Smoke Shop BBQ, Boston's true institution

Barbecue is a tradition inherited from the southern American states. Smoke Shop BBQ respects all its codes and puts Boston on the map as a must-go-to.

With three restaurants opened in the space of two years, Andy Husbands' recipe proved successful. In the Assembly Row shopping centre, his latest establishment opened in July 2018 confirmed an established reputation: the choice of meats, cooking methods, selection and quality of wood used to prepare the barbecue, as well as the atmosphere itself are just some of the reasons you absolutely have to try it. The spanking new loft space uses the brand's signature materials, namely raw timber and stone.
You will thus take a seat under the high ceilings and revel in Texas-inspired cuisine: the best pork chops, brisket, smoked turkey and famous spicy chicken wings await your order. Vegetarian and gluten-allergic patrons will also be delighted to find smoked tofu, cornbread and fried cauliflower as possible options on the menu.
However, the chef's proposed BBQ experience will not be complete without a gulp of whisky, of which you will find one of the largest selections of the entire region. To be enjoyed in moderation, as one would expect!

Smoke Shop BBQ Kendall Square
1 Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139

Smoke Shop BBQ Seaport
343 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210

Smoke Shop BBQ Assembly Row
325 Assembly Row
Somerville, MA 02145

Menu: from 16 USD