Sigol Bapsang - in honour of banchans

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Sigol Bapsang - in honour of banchans

A welcoming change of scenery in this small canteen dedicated to traditional dishes and objects of the past.

To reach this temple of banchans, go to Itaewon station (line 6) and take Exit 2. From there, walk about 10 minutes along the main street until you reach a large metal dog sculpture, then turn left. Stop when you get to a large orange sign. You're here. Bric-a-brac and vintage objects fill this tiny stand with happiness, which holds only a few tables. The feast begins: a festival of twenty banchans made of dried radish salad, soybean paste stew, fermented vegetables, and rice dough patties. These Korean ‘tapas' are served with white rice and a spicy soup. Open around the clock, this very rural canteen is a rare treat in a sprawling metropolis.

Sigol Bapsang
235 Itaewon-ro

+82 (0)2 793 5390

Menu: around 12 000 KRW