Sainte-Barbe Hôtel & Spa Le Conquet, France's westernmost hotel

by the sea – boutique hotel
Sainte-Barbe Hôtel & Spa Le Conquet, France's westernmost hotel

Abandoned for over ten years, the Sainte-Barbe hotel in Le Conquet near Brest has been entirely renovated. It is now a gem dedicated to your well-being, floating over the sea…

This is a local myth, and yet it was abandoned for more than a decade. At the farthest tip of Nord Finistère, and only 30 minutes away from Brest airport by car, the Sainte-Barbe hotel has risen from its ashes after three years of hard renovation work. The building has known several distinct lives since the end of the 19th century: it was first used by the navy, then turned into a restaurant when they left. It shut down and remained unoccupied in the 2000s, before its rebirth as a high-end boutique hotel, complete with spa and Jacuzzi. This project was carried out by Jean-Marie Chapalain and Guy Diquélou, two Breton entrepreneurs who fell in love with the run-down location.

For a long time ill-considered by locals, its concrete structure is now more than ever an asset, as it seems to float above water like a cruise ship, with the breathtaking scenery of Ouessant, Béniguet and Molène islands in the eyesight. The impression never leaves you, from the rooftop to the 34 rooms, which all enjoy ocean views. As for Sainte-Barbe's restaurant, it gives onto the Conquet harbour and the coming-and-going of fishing boats. A timeless moment to relax with the Atlantic for companion.

Sainte-Barbe Hôtel & Spa
Pointe Sainte-Barbe
29217 Le Conquet

+33 (0) 2 98 48 46 13

Rooms: from 151 EUR