Sachet, the vegetable hotspot

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Sachet, the vegetable hotspot

Dallas locals rush here for the veggies! Colourful Mediterranean cuisine as delicious as it is healthy.

In Dallas, satisfying a need for vegetables may be a bit of a challenge, as steak houses dominate the restaurant scene. With its name inscribed in elegant gold letters on the outside entrance, Sachet is a real gem, and a green one at that. Of the roughly 50 dishes on the menu, only about 15 include meat. Instead, vegetables are the stars—local, seasonal and irreproachably traceable. A bet that works, as Sachet has constantly been full since it opened in January 2018.
The minimalist decor accents the original menu. The windows are wide, the white room spacious and bright, crossed in its centre by a huge bar in light wood with wicker seating. Round tables and more intimate booths are spread throughout the restaurant. Along with falafels, squid with fennel and tortiglioni, the mezzes are presented in 20 attractive varieties. Pistachios and Marcona almonds, spiced with lemon and rosemary, are a must, as well as spicy tabbouleh with carrots and parsley. You can add some starters, tapas, salads, pasta, seafood and meat to complete your meal.

4270 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

+1 214 613 6425

Menu: about 40 USD