Rota Do Chá, on the tea trail

tea salon - terrace
Rota Do Chá, on the tea trail

One of its kind in Porto, the Rota Do Chá tea salon mixes styles and tea varieties, from India to Japan by way of Morocco.

Giving onto Miguel Bombarda street, an arty hotspot that has to be seen, a discreet door feels like entering an apartment block. Except that Rota Do Chá awaits at the end of a long corridor. This atypical tea salon set up in a living room would have fitted a Victorian house at the time of the Colonial British Indies: period chairs, framed pictures on the walls displaying maps of the Empire as well as family photos, and of course tea on all tables. The establishment therefore pays tribute to Portugal's particular history with the drink, as the State largely contributed to its spreading through Europe during the 16th century. Explore the "tea trail", roam the living room and sit in front of the statue of Buddha, in a Zen patio bearing both Moroccan and Japanese influences. Here, you are in no rush. Take your time, find yourself, relax and calmly enjoy this suspended moment. Furthermore, with 300 tea references on the menu, choosing might take some time!

Rota Do Chá
Rua Miguel Bombarda 457
4050-382 Porto

+351 22 013 6726

Menu: drinks from 1 EUR