Rosendal Trädgård, a country corner in Stockholm

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Rosendal Trädgård, a country corner in Stockholm

Stockholm, world-renowned for its architecture and design, is home to a treasure trove of gardens where you can stroll in all seasons, just like a real Swede.

Created at the beginning of the 19th century by Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, a former Marshal of Napoleon who became King of Sweden in 1818 under the name of Karl XIV Johan, the gardens of Rosendal will delight nature lovers. If part of the royal park was transformed into an English garden by King Johan, Queen Josefina, a gardening lover, worked to install the first plantations and greenhouses where today a rose garden, an organic vegetable garden, vines, field flowers and aromatic plants flourish.

The estate has a functioning farm and a charming café where you can enjoy freshly harvested produce. Stop at the artisanal bakery where the smell of bread baked on a wood fire will whet your appetite. To keep a souvenir of your visit, stop by the horticultural shop where seedlings, potted plants and fresh flowers await.

On foot or by bike, you will enjoy exploring the paths of this little corner of paradise, just a few minutes from downtown.

Rosendal Garden (Rosendal Trädgård)
Rosendalsterrassen 12
115 21 Stockholm

+46 (0)8 545 812 70