Promenade du Peyrou: Montpellier all around

Promenade du Peyrou: Montpellier all around

A highlight and one of the most emblematic places in Montpellier, exposed to the four winds.

An immediate impression of harmony overtakes you when you find yourself on the Peyrou Promenade, a three-hectare royal square created in the late 17th century by the architects Davillier, Giral, and Donnat. The harmonious proportions of its classical architecture; the unity of the triumphal arch, the water tower, and the aqueduct which constitute the axis and interact with each other; the overall balance of the composition to exalt the equestrian statue of Louis XIV, which marks the centre; and the linearity of the terraces linked to each other and connected by stone steps you must take to walk the length of the promenade all are outstanding.

One's second impression, as you walk along, is an incredible feeling of freedom created by this esplanade's construction. The stunning, unobstructed view takes in the rooftops of the city and the horizon, where one can make out the Pic Saint-Loup and, in clear weather, the Canigou, heralding the Pyrenees.

Perfect for a walk in the shade of plane trees, the Peyrou is also the ideal place for impromptu games of petanque, just before settling into the best seats in the house for a glorious sunset.

Promenade du Peyrou
Place Royale du Peyrou
34000 Montpellier