Presidential Center, in the shoes of George W. Bush

Presidential Center, in the shoes of George W. Bush

How about a visit to the Oval Office or a glimpse of the gala clothes of the First Lady? You can see both in the archives of the eight-year Bush presidency.

This will always be a place that welcomes each visitor with open arms.” In her own way, Laura Bush, the wife of the former U.S. President, sums up the spirit that animates the library of the presidential centre. In addition to archives and a conference centre, this solemn building, opened in 2013 with an area of 100,000 m2, contains the George W. Bush Institute. Meander through the Presidential Library where you can explore the years of the Bush presidency (2001 to 2009). Nestled among thousands of documents and photos, a few unusual objects will catch your eye, such as the red telephone connecting the White House to the Kremlin or a few signed baseballs. You will discover the exact replica of the Oval Office under the Bush presidency as well as the reconstruction of the West Wing. Giving onto an outdoor space inspired by the White House rose garden, called the “Texas Rose Garden”, it offers a pleasant conclusion to this very enriching walk.

George W. Bush Presidential Center
2943 SMU Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75205

+1 214 200 4300