Premium-quality local beer at Basz Bar

Premium-quality local beer at Basz Bar

Near Vienna's Wettstein Park, Basz Bar calls for friendly gatherings at pre-dinner, with a few Austrian beers.

Even though Austrians are among the largest consumers of beer in the world, they tend to show little interest in their own production: the country is not even part of the top 10 European producers. To put an end to this fact and most importantly pay tribute to national beer, Basz Bar offers a small selection dedicated to local microbreweries, with quality Austrian names like Schnaitl and Rieder. It also presents a selection of other wines and spirits from the Vienna region. Regulars share a homemade liquor or cocktail, like the Basz Fusion (hot pepper and cinnamon-infused vodka, mixed with beer and ginger), to be enjoyed in moderation obviously. With its wooden tables, bench seats covered in pillows and flickering candles, this beer bar rather looks like a modern tea salon. A subdued atmosphere for a sweet and intimate moment.

Basz Bar
Hollandstraße 7
1020 Vienna

+43 676 428 3678 

Menu: beer from 3.90 EUR