Place Jean Jaurès: the place to be

Place Jean Jaurès: the place to be

Much more than a prominent square in the urban configuration, it is an absolute must for the people of Montpellier, who gather there on all kinds of occasions.

The setting? A pretty square, bordered by Melia trees, where colourful umbrellas overlap in summer and terraces remain full all year long. The atmosphere? Joyous, free, warm and festive a fine description of the South of France in fact…

During the day, you can choose where you sit according to the orientation of the sun in order to read while drinking a coffee, or you can make a stop there to regain your strength after a hectic shopping spree in the adjoining streets of la Loge and l'Aiguillerie.

At night, Montpellier youth make this site and its popular cafés the starting point for many a night out. On game nights, be it rugby or football, you can sing along with the fans of the teams of your choice and make friends with the locals. Under the benevolent gaze of political idol and moral compass Jean Jaurès' statue, watching over close by.

Place Jean-Jaurès
Écusson district
34000 Montpellier