Pastoral stay in blue waters

Pastoral stay in blue waters

Near Sainte-Anne, welcome to a hotel at once marvellous and authentic, for a truly unique getaway.

The Patatran Village Hotel is a small gem located at the extreme north tip of La Digue Island. Take a swim in Anse Patates cove, sheltering one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, before basking in the sun. Going back to your room will always feel like a treat with typical atmosphere provided by wicker furniture, woodwork and pattern tiles. The practice of snorkelling and other underwater excursion requires you to rent the necessary equipment. Once geared up, you'll be able to witness the colourful marine fauna and flora that populates the region!
Before a delicious dinner at the hotel's restaurant, take some time for relaxing by the pool or on a deckchair to sip on a cocktail. From there, the wonderful views of the lagoon will leave you speechless.

Patatran Village Hotel
Anse Patates
La Digue Island

+248 4 294 300

Rooms: from 2,300 SCR