Oro Bay and its natural swimming pool

exploration - not to be missed
Oro Bay and its natural swimming pool

Carved out of the reef and surrounded by Cook pines, there are some superb panoramic views to be had from the natural swimming pool of Oro Bay.

The route to the bay is part of this unique area's charm. You'll need to cross a channel, ideally at low tide, then make your way through lush greenery before you finally reach this gorgeous place. The path leads to shallow, crystal-clear turquoise waters, surrounded by rocks which protect the pool from the swell of the waves. Swim in complete safety, and admire the spectacle of thousands of fabulous fish. Practically an open-air aquarium, this is the ideal spot to don your snorkelling fins and explore. The pool's surroundings are also packed with little nooks and crannies, which are perfect for sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying these idyllic surroundings. If you're not ready for the fun to stop, follow the sand from the natural pool to Oro Bay, and the Le Méridien Ile des Pins hotel. It's the perfect place for a cocktail on the beach.

Natural Swimming Pool
Oro Bay
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