Notre-Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral, the city's emblem

Notre-Dame de Strasbourg Cathedral, the city's emblem

An absolute masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Strasbourg's Notre-Dame Cathedral celebrated its first millennium in September 2015.

Nearly three centuries in the building (and consecrated in 1365), this monumental pink Vosges sandstone edifice's foundations rest on the ruins of a Roman temple. Insolently defiant of the laws of verticality, its stone spire rises to 142 metres, which made it, until 1847, the highest tower in the Christian world.

After Notre-Dame de Paris, this Strasbourg gem is the second most visited monument in France, with nearly four million visitors each year. The lace stone facade, chiselled as though suspended in space, is a remarkable work of richly ornate goldsmithing.

It depicts biblical parables about the fundamentals of religious art, whose symbols are fun to try to decipher. Make sure you are at the southern gate to attend, punctually every day at 12:30 p.m., the performance of the astronomical clock, whose movements and figurines are a fascinating delight.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg
Place de la Cathédrale
67000 Strasbourg

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