Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market

This covered market, which has existed for 80 years, houses almost 800 stalls, making it one of the biggest fish markets in Korea.

Open continuously day and night, the Noryangjin Fish Market is a maze of some 6,000 square metres containing every imaginable type of seafood, dried fish, and crustacean, from the most common to the rarest, including salmon, sea cucumber, snapper, and stingray.

Wear a pullover and waterproof shoes on your pungent walk through the aisles the thermometer drops low, and water runs everywhere. For a glimpse of this market in a different light, come at two or three in the morning, when the wholesale auctions take place. The show is definitely worth getting up well before the sunrise for. Fish prices are affordable and the location offers an amazing feature: if during this exploration your appetite awakens, you can have your fish cooked for you in one of the many restaurants located just upstairs.

Noryangjin Fish Market
674 Nodeul-ro

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